The National Coalition for Housing Justice is a group of national organizations who have aligned behind seeking housing justice in order to end homelessness.

We have more power and impact when we act together. 


Our vision of housing justice guarantees opportunities for everyone in our country to have affordable, safe, accessible, stable housing. We take an approach grounded in racial justice, economic justice, and equity for all who have been marginalized or minoritized. The following principles underlie our work:

  1. Housing is a human right and must be universally accessible. 
  2. Systems and models are designed, informed, and managed by people with lived expertise. 
  3. Choice is central and power should be shifted to people at all levels of the system.
  4. We must redress the ongoing legacy of colonialism and racism, particularly anti-Black racism, in our housing and justice policies and practices. This includes current and past harm to historically marginalized communities, particularly BIPOC. 
  5. Systems should be adaptive and designed to predict and respond to the ongoing and future needs of people and communities.
  6. Healing is prioritized. Systems are designed to be inclusive and to meet people where they are.
  7. Services are trauma-informed, person-centered, and based on self-determination. Services are always offered and participation is always voluntary.
  8. Quality services should be universally accessible and available everywhere, including in rural and tribal communities.
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