NCHJ membership also includes several at-large members who bring their own expertise and experience, even though not officially connected with another member organization.  These at-large members include:

Diamond Dumas

Diamond Dumas (they/them) is a queer Afro-Latinx social justice advocate and activist. Using their lived expertise Diamond strives to dismantle oppressive systems, emphasize the impact of young people, and create a more equitable world. In addition to Diamond’s organic education they also received their Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology at the University of North Florida. Their studies of interest have supported their work in the Youth Homelessness field by informing them on diverse cultures, communities, and practices. Utilizing this knowledge Diamond’s work centers on what makes us human through a socio-cultural lens.

Mari Brooks

Mari is a 21 year old Afro-Latina young adult in foster care hoping to find ways to improve the system she is a part of. Mari has worked with multiple organizations to try to share her story and get her voice out there so that she can make changes to improve the lives of the kids and young adults who come after her. She has spoken at conferences and to state legislators and has even protested with NCHJ at the supreme court! In the future she hopes to continue the work she’s doing on a way greater scale. Mari is an Aries, loves mac and cheese with a passion, adores the color blue, and has a lot of fun meeting new people and forming friendships everywhere she goes.

Tiffany Haynes

Tiffany is a Black Jamaican mother of one who has lived in the states for over 26 years. Tiffany has connected people, organized strategies, and mobilized marginalized populations affected by the system. She has an unwavering belief that people impacted must be at the forefront to guide and inform the changes they want to see and values transparency when engaging with others, especially system-involved, immigrant, LGBTQIA+, Black & Brown, parenting youth in care, & other marginalized youth & young adults. 

Tiffany is also driving change through her own firm, Aiden Anthony, LLC

Zenayah Roaché

Zenayah Roaché (she/her) is a New York City native who experienced various forms of homelessness, including living in shelters and doubling up with friends and family. Through this experience, Zenayah began to understand its multidimensional consequences throughout her years of homelessness. Hence, she dedicates her professional work to housing/homelessness spaces with a particular focus on youth. Zenayah graduated from Columbia University with a BA in Urban Studies this past May. In May 2025, Zenayah will graduate with an MPA from the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University concentrating in Urban Policy and specializing in Leadership, Innovation, and Design. Together, her personal, academic, and professional skills intertwine daily to achieve two main goals: 1) create a world where the unhoused population is justly served with all of the comprehensive resources necessary to thrive and 2) create a world where homelessness is no more.